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How to make affordable clothes look expensive

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Currently listening to…’ll find that at the end of the post. How is your day going?Well,being a blogger doesn’t mean I can’t wear my clothes twice so click here to see how I styled this skirt differently Continue reading “How to make affordable clothes look expensive”

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I’m happy to be here again yaaaay,it’s been a month and few days since I published a post on the blog.Honestly, this time it’s not procrastination or break it’s just the photography issues ,I found a way around it even if I’m not totally satisfied.


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Things to consider before shopping+Prints 102

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Currently listening to the noise of all these Lagos conductors,Lagos keeps getting busy day by day my mum tells me if you’re not smart and you come to Lagos you’ll get smarter hahaha Continue reading “Things to consider before shopping+Prints 102”

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Do All Things happen for a reason+ Beret trend

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First I want to thank you all loyal readers, thank you for creating that time to check the blog posts,guess who has 82 followers on her blog (inserts emoji woman in red dancing meeeeee)let’s get to 100 before the end of this month we can actually make that happen yeah?But wait have you subscribed?if no kindly subscribe please,fix in your email on that box that pops up and get freebies. Continue reading “Do All Things happen for a reason+ Beret trend”

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Wagwan people, seriously i’m doing my best to be consistent and today’s post is more like a controversial subject. I was checking the news and gossips blog and I was dazzed when I saw that 2 worst UNILORIN graduates receive scholarship and honestly all I could think of was urrgh what’s the point of studying so hard? but then can I really get away without studying at all?  Continue reading “DO GRADES MATTER? “